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News Flash: 2011/09/09 08:07:59 PM

What a 2 great weekends, Last week I fixed all my gutters, and most of the trim work on my house. I went Petite Robert Bistro for dinner and went to a nice comedy show.

This week, I got a root canal, Then went to La Voile on Newbury St., follow by Cirque Du Solei. What a long Thursday night. This weekend I am planning on painting my living room and bedroom. And Sunday I am planning on trimming the lawn and clean up the pine needles.

Next weekend is my BBQ, 1st and probably only of the year. I think this end of the summer has been the most eventful, cant wait to get my bicycle and do some cycling.

Currently Playing Game: Cartoon-Wars And Spheric

Another two new IPhone games I recently got. Cartoon wars is very fun, but there is no definitely ending level. The graphic looks like paper art from a 5 years old, and the ability to level up stop short of being fun. In short, I think the first 80 levels are very fun, where you can level up with the point you earn. But Once you max out on your level up, the enemy continuously get stronger, while you are restricted on how quickly you can produce soldiers. It gets to a point that the PC and product like 30 new soldiers while you produce just 2 or maybe 3. This games has good foundation, just wasnt thought through.

Spheric, I just stated playing, kills about 5 - 10 minutes before I died and start over. Its more like a connect 4, mix in with one the the pop-cap games where you shoot a ball to reduce the number of spheres. Unfortunately My IPhone isnt that fast and the lag continuously cause the game to be more of an annoyance than fun.

My 2 Cents: Automatic public bathroom faucets

So when you finish your business in the bathroom. You usually walks over to the sink and washes you hands. You press down, or twist, or whatever and water comes out. You wet your hand and lader with soap. You Press, or twist, or what ever again to get more water, 1/3 of the way through, you repeat to get more water, and 2/3 way through, you yet repeat again.

Really? Can these faucet set to more than 2 seconds of water?

Link of the day: How to Install MS Core font on Linux

Great how to readme on installing Microsoft core fonts on Linux.